Michigan executive order has migrant housing guidelines for COVID-19

At the height of the asparagus harvest and spring fieldwork, Michigan’s Governor has issued a new executive order in the state’s battle against COVID-19.  Governor Gretchen Witmer relaxed several restrictions from previous orders but created new rules for migrant labor housing. 

The new requirements include separating beds by at least six feet in all directions, isolation housing for possibly-infected residents awaiting test results, and isolation housing for COVID-19-suspected residents who have not received a positive result from a COVID-19 test. 

The Governor’s order also requires the housing operator or employer to provide separate housing, dining, and bathroom facilities for COVID-19-confirmed residents and ensure regular ventilation of rooms where residents suspected of having coronavirus are housed.

The new executive order expires June 29th and housing providers that knowingly violate the order face misdemeanor charges.

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