MiAA emphasizes farmer networking

The head of Michigan Agriculture Advancement says the organization plans to focus on enhancing farmer connections and conservation engagement in 2023.

Julie Doll tells Brownfield their organization prioritizes building grower networks.

“There’s a real need for farmers to have strong social networks as they’re implementing more conservation practices, as they’re thinking about expanding their rotations, and growing crops outside of the main commodities,” she says.

Michigan Agriculture Advancement’s Underground Innovations annual meeting next week will highlight some of the farmers involved.

“It’s just a fascinating glimpse into some of these more early adopter and innovative farmers who are really pushing the boundaries and finding ways to increase their profitability while simultaneously increasing soil health and protecting water,” she explains.

She says the non-profit is also in the process of profiling the conservation and water quality efforts of farmers in 2023.

Doll adds much of her first year in the position in 2022 was focused on grant writing and securing a $5 million USDA Climate Smart Commodities grant in partnership with Star of the West.

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