Mexico Ag Minister and Vilsack say GMO ban won’t limit U.S. corn exports

The secretaries of agriculture for the U.S. and Mexico are clarifying what Mexico’s impending ban on GMO corn means for American farmers. 

Mexico announced plans earlier this year to ban the cultivation of genetically modified corn for human consumption by 2024.  Mexican Ag Minister Victor Villalobos, during a visit to a farm in central Iowa Wednesday, says his country’s policy calls for the end of transgenic corn production in Mexican territory.

“But we are not limiting importation of GMO corn from the United States.”

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, who hosted Villalobos, says corn farmers should not be worried about losing Mexico as an export market.

“That’s what I think people here have to understand (is) the corn they’re raising can still be imported into Mexico even though it’s (genetically engineered).”

Mexico is the largest importer of U.S. corn, comprising more than 30 percent of the market.

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