Meteorologist expects extreme weather patterns to continue

A meteorologist says farmers can expect a wide range of weather across the Midwest again this week.

Greg Soulje tells Brownfield the La Nina pattern that brought a mixture of flooding, drought, and high winds shows no signs of changing yet. “So, you wanted drought improvement but it may literally go from a drought to a flood in some of these northern plains upper Midwestern regions here in the next few days if not the next few weeks.” 

Soulje says this week east of the Mississippi River looks just like last week. “In the week ahead, a nice, quiet, cool, dry, high pressure builds in with maybe a little shower activity from the Great Lakes region to the eastern and southern corn belt Monday. By Tuesday, another system kind of on the periphery of some of this heat is going to well back up again.” 

Soulje expects the western plains to have many of the same wet and dry areas as last week. “The Black Hills maybe down to Kansas City, St. Joseph, and east-southeast from there will get another wave of rain with showers and thunderstorms probably Tuesday to Wednesday.” 

Soulje tells Brownfield that with these air patterns, the weather extremes are probably going to be around a while. “And that will be a repeating phenomenon for next week as well, and probably even into the beginning part of June, so again, the phrase ‘from a drought to a flood’ especially along and east of the Missouri River will be the story for the weeks to come.” He says, “it usually is a trademark in the back of a La Nina in early summertime that you get into a wet, inactive weather pattern as we’re seeing right now and we’ll see in the weeks to come through many areas of the northern plains, and northern and eastern corn belt locales.” 

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