Meet the 2023-2024 National FFA officers

Six students from around the country will spend the next year sharing their passion for agriculture and the FFA. 

Amara Jackson, is the newly installed National FFA President.  “It’s so surreal and I can’t believe it,” she says.  She tells Brownfield she’s looking forward to building a community. “I’m really looking forward to using this jacket as an opportunity to meet students,” she says. “To invest in students and to get to know their story.  If one person feels like they’re impacted, then I know I’ve done my job.”

AUDIO: Amara Jackson, Michigan, National FFA President

National FFA Secretary Grant Norfleet of Missouri says he hopes he can inspire FFA members to step outside their comfort zone. “FFA taught me that I’m not good at a lot of things, but there are things I am really, really good at,” he says.  “My advice is don’t be afraid to fail and try something new.  Because you never where this organization, this jacket, is going to take you into the future.”

AUDIO: Grant Norfleet, Missouri, National FFA Secretary

Morgan Anderson of Ohio, East Region Vice President says it’s the small interactions that matter most.  “Be where you are in the moment,” she says.  “My favorite piece of advice is to enjoy the space between where you are to where you’re going.  For me, that means a wake-up call that life isn’t flashy.”

AUDIO: Morgan Anderson, Ohio, East Region Vice President

Kanyon Huntington of Iowa, Central Regional Vice President, says he wants to help support other FFA members.  “I have been in their shoes, I have felt those feelings,” he says.  “I’ve felt like maybe there isn’t a space for me or maybe I’m not good enough.  I can tell them ‘You are good enough and you can do this’.  Take a shot in the dark if you’re passionate about it you’re going to be successful.”

AUDIO: Kanyon Huntington, Iowa, Central Region Vice President

Carter Howell of Florida, Southern Region Vice President says he’s looking forward to engaging with members of all different backgrounds.  “I didn’t grow up in production agriculture,” he says. “But there was a place for me in FFA and there’s a place for everyone in agriculture.”

AUDIO: Carter Howell, Florida, Southern Region Vice President

Emily Gossett of New Mexico, Western Region Vice President, says she’s hopeful her actions throughout her year of service reflect what the selection committee saw in the interview process.  “I’ve been able to lean into different leadership characteristics,” she says.  “And truly build on the foundation of love and service that I have.”

AUDIO: Emily Gossett, New Mexico, Western Region Vice President

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