Meet the 2009-2010 Wisconsin FFA Officer Team

chrislerThe eleven-member team which will lead the Wisconsin FFA Association for the next year is a combination of experience and a variety of backgrounds.

BJ Chrisler of the Sauk Prairie  FFA will lead the group as State President.  We had a chance to talk with each of the officers just after they were named.

AUDIO: BJ Chrisler talks about his goals as President (1:48)

Leah Christensen of the Amery FFA will represent Section I

AUDIO: Leah Christenson talks about her FFA experience

Kirsten Konder of the Glenwood City FFA will represent Section 2

AUDIO: Kirsten Konder comments on her background

Jessica Klinkner of the Cashton FFA is Section 3’s State Officer this year

AUDIO: Jessica Klinkner talks about her FFA experience (2:30)

Adam Moore of the Black Hawk FFA will represent Section 4

AUDIO: Listen to Adam Moore’s comments (2:30)

Representing Section 5, Tyler Franklin of the Evansville FFA

AUDIO: Tyler Franklin talks about his FFA background (4:50)

Caitlin Roberts of the Portage FFA is the Section 6 State Officer

AUDIO: Listen to Caitlin Roberts’ interview (3:30)

Jeanie Untiedt of the Colby FFA will represent Section 7
AUDIO: Jeanie Untiedt talks about her FFA experience (3:50)

Representing Section 8, Andy Moravec of the Clintonville FFA

AUDIO: Andy Moravec talks about his FFA experiences (5:20)

Kimberly Schadrie of the De Pere FFA will represent Section 9

AUDIO: Kimberly Schadrie talks about her background (4:30)

Alicia Hodnik of the Big Foot FFA will be the Section 10 officer this year

AUDIO: Alicia Hodnik talks about her diverse background (2:50)

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