McDonald’s shareholders reject HSUS proposal

Shareholders for McDonald’s have voted against a proposal to buy at least five percent of the restaurant chain’s eggs from cage-free facilities.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which owns 101 shares in the company, had sponsored the resolution.  HSUS argued that cages are inhumane and pointed out that McDonald’s own European operations are transitioning toward purchases of cage-free eggs.

McDonald’s board of directors recommended that shareholders vote against the proposal, saying that the science was not there to support a switch.  McDonald’s is part of a coalition involved in an ongoing study of hen housing.

Some major fast food companies, including Burger King, Subway and Wendy’s—and giant retailer Wal-Mart—have already made some level of commitment to purchasing or selling cage-free eggs.

  • I hope MCDonalds will keep up the stance against HSUS! They need to be loxked down before the infiltrate all ag organizations! Good Job MCDonalds, keep up the good work!

  • HSUS may be “a terrorist org” or it may be not, and about the “science” – this is not about science, it about the ethical treatment of food producing animals, and the lust for maximum cheap food by the masses. McDonald’s knows their market, and they know that their market does not give one little crap what the food producing animals must endure – so long as their food is fat and cheap!

    cowboss at wscc

  • Way to go Micky D. I will now pass up Burger King and Wendys and drive to the other side of town for my coffee.

    All those against the Terroristic HSUS, lets boycot Wendys and Burget King!

  • Im so darn proud someone hasnt sold out to those animal righs fanatics with thier lies and phony excuses. They have done everything possible to eradicate animal agriculture in this country. Now so many of your poultry, beef and pork products are coming other countries, mainly south of the border. Several other large corporations have stopped supporting H$U$ and thier sick agenda to make us all Vegans! Im so proud of Micky Ds’ for not selling out to H$U$ and thier sub-family PETA! That should help cut off some of the funding they give to ALF and other animal rights terrorist organizations. Bless you Micky D, Pilot Oil company, Yellowtail wines and others..

  • I’m like everyone else on here and will no longer do business with Wendy’s, Burger King or Subway again. And recommend to my friends they do the same. I would love to see them have to eat their overstock that no one is buying. IF more and more common sense Americans wake up we can turn the tide against these Animal Nazi’s and put our country back on the right track. Its time to stop the crazies from taking over!!!!!!!!

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