Margins tight for NW Minnesota soybean and spring wheat grower

Margins are tight for a soybean and spring wheat grower in northwest Minnesota.

Theresia Gillie tells Brownfield crops have suffered from dry conditions and markets are weaker than a year ago.

“It would be really nice if the wheat price went back up. We’ve kind of been dealing with a little bit of a down market here on the wheat and hopefully that will recover.”

The 2023 crop has been called the most expensive ever and she says that’s reflected in her cost of production.

“It’s looking a little skinny (and) I’m glad that my farm is only 950 acres. So it’s going to be a concern going into next year (and) I sure hope that more of those input costs can come down.”

Gillie says she had to spray for soybean aphids and spider mites this summer, which also cut into her bottom line.

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