Many Delta farmers optimistic about 2023 crops

A crop specialist with Helena says the growing season started off dry in the Mid-South but the weather has improved greatly and crop conditions reflect that. 

AGRIntelligence Information Specialist Stephen Leininger tells Brownfield for the first time in his career there was ideal weather at pollination.  “I think farmers are optimistic about the crop that they have this year,” he says.  

He says it’s been hot and humid — and farmers who opted to use fungicides early on this year will be glad they did.  “All of that condition, especially with the crop being lush and green, airflow is limited,” he says.  “If they made the decision to put out a fungicide, I think it will pay this year.”

Leininger says white mold is starting to show up in peanuts and rice farmers are concerned about blight.  “The rains were welcome — you need the water, obviously,” he says.  “But you have cloud coverage and when you have cloud coverage and it does cool off and then all of the sudden the sun breaks the clouds.  It gets hot and it gets steamy — it’s the right conditions for diseases.”

Brownfield interviewed Leininger during Helena’s Innovation Expo in Memphis, Tennessee on Tuesday.

AUDIO: Stephen Leininger, Helena

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