Majority of consumers open to eating soy protein

A study by the United Soybean Board shows most consumers are open to eating plant-based foods including those made with soy.

Jean Heggie, USB’s soy protein consultant, tells Brownfield Ag News, “About 60%, or six in 10, agree that soy protein is a high quality source of protein. Kind of putting it on par with meat, milk and egg protein, in their minds, as high quality proteins in their diet.”

She says younger consumers in the study of 15-hundred people are more open to including plant-based foods.

“There were 72% of younger consumers, those under the age of 50, that were open to the consumption of plant-based foods as compared to 55% of older consumers.”

She says that finding provides future opportunities for soy foods that can spur innovations.

The study found 85% of those surveyed recognize protein as an important nutrient with 65-percent open to the use of plant-based foods as well as meat.

Interview with Jean Hegge ^^
  • Hey soybean farmers. If people stop eating meat your product is not worth anything. Wake up and stop promoting soy based protein. How dumb are you??!!

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