Local researcher exploring ways to better measure SCN treatments

Because Soybean Cyst Nematode is difficult to manage, Mandy Bish with the University of Missouri is trying to find more efficient ways to measure the effectiveness of SCN treatments.

“We’re looking at how to build up those tools with molecular support to quantify SCN levels in the soil.”

Soybean varieties initially provided resistance to the nematode. But three decades later, Bish says SCN is growing more resistant to those varieties.

“Transgenics and breeding, there are advances being made in both of those, but they won’t be available for a few years yet. With regards to seed treatments and other chemicals, we’re trying to better understand the benefits and environmental conditions. We see consistency of the products in the greenhouse.”

But the pest management coordinator says there is still a lot to learn about this in the field. Existing SCN data is available here.

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