Limited feeding could cut costs, improve performance in cattle

An extension beef specialist says limited feeding for cattle can offset record input costs without sacrificing animal nutrition.

Dale Blasi with Kansas State University tells Brownfield it can reduce the cost of gain by a about a nickel per pound. “We see savings from a labor perspective, from a tractor-use and mixer wagon perspective.  And, it really facilitates the management of the calves from perspective of health protection.”

He says more producers have started adding distillers grains or gluten to the ration to help improve efficiency. “We have less depredation from rodents along the feedbunk line, maybe even a reduction in fly load. It is a really good approach. You can (call) it a sustainable approach for our producers.”

Blasi says a limited feed ration won’t likely affect the calf’s performance in the feedlot.

Blasi presented the results of a study on limited feeding to producers who attended the UNL Stocker/Yearling Summer meeting in Imperial.

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