Letter to the President asks EPA to support renewable diesel, biodiesel in new RFS rules

More than 70 biofuel stakeholders are calling on the Biden administration to increase biomass-based diesel and advanced biofuels volumes as the EPA is expected to finalize Renewable Fuel Standard volumes next week.

Paul Winters with Clean Fuel Alliance America tells Brownfield the industry produces more fuel than what the current RFS proposal calls for. “It’s going to undercut the price of Rims. It’s going to discourage production. It’s going to undermine investments that our industry has made in producing new feedstocks and building new facilities, research and development on new fuels and new markets.”

Clean Fuels and 75 other organizations sent President Joe Biden a letter Thursday asking him to ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency increase biomass-based diesel and advanced biofuel volumes by 500 million gallons. Last month, the group sent EPA a letter requesting additional volume capacity.

Winters says the proposal won’t help create additional demand. “Companies have made these investments. They’ve made the commitments that they are counting on for value for their product. If EPA does not raise the RFS volumes, they’re going to undercut the value of biodiesel and renewable diesel.”

And, he says, that could negatively impact the soy crushing industry. “If the end market here in the United States for crush capacity doesn’t continue to grow, then crushers are going to have to make some choices about those investments, either delaying you know completion or or looking at older facilities maybe.”

EPA has until next Wednesday, June 14th , to release the final volumes.

The American Soybean Association, 22 state soybean associations, Diesel Technology Forum, National Energy and Fuels Institute, National Oilseed Processors Association, North American Renderers Association, and U.S. Canola Association also signed the letter.

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