Leadership matters in agriculture

Members of the Midwestern Association of State Departments of Agriculture (MASDA) met recently in Indianapolis.  Dr. Jon Hagler, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture says the group shares the same passion and dedication for the agriculture industry.  “Leadership matters,” he says.  “It matters that your governor cares about agriculture and it matters that you have an advocate that is fighting every day for agriculture and leading their state forward.”

Hagler tells Brownfield part of leadership is connecting agriculture to the consumer.  He says he likes to remind people of his favorite statistic:  four out of four people eat.  “Everyone has a stake in agriculture,” he says.   “When agricultures does well, America does well.  There’s more money in the church plate on Sunday, schools are better funded, and small businesses thrive.”

And that, Hagler says, reinforces the importance of agriculture to the success of our country.

AUDIO: Jon Hagler, Missouri Dept of Ag (2:03mp3)

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