Lawmakers say ramping up domestic production of ag inputs remains a priority

Some lawmakers are highlighting the importance of increasing domestic production of agricultural inputs.

Congressman Max Miller, a republican from Ohio, says ramping up production in the U.S. will help address prices and availability.

“I believe that we need to be looking for other options and other avenues within the private sector to start ensuring some of the things we don’t have,” he says. “Fertilizer is one of the main things used in order to grow crops. Why isn’t it that this country is manufacturing fertilizer within the private sector, creating that economic revenue. It’s common sense in my opinion and should be put forward and enacted into real policy.”

The House Ag Committee member says it also supports food security, which is directly linked to national security.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise says the 2023 Farm Bill could help address the need for increased domestic production of inputs and energy.

“You want to make sure the laws are addressing the problems that farmers are facing. We’ve seen how costs are increasing, making it harder for family farms to operate. Bad energy policy in Washington DC is hurting farmers because the costs of diesel and fertilizer, for example, are dramatically higher,” he says. “So, we want to open up the ability for us to produce our own energy here in America to lower costs to make sure we don’t have to be reliant on foreign countries. That will help farmers as well.”

Scalise, a republican from Louisiana, and Miller, representing Ohio’s 7th district, spoke to reporters during the recent Ohio Farm Bureau County Presidents’ Trip to Washington DC. 

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