Law firm says number of dicamba lawsuits is growing

A law firm says it expects more than two-thousand farmers to sue Bayer/Monsanto and BASF over crop damage that the farmers allege was caused by dicamba drift.

Joe Peiffer with law firm Peiffer Wolf says the recent Bader Farms dicamba drift verdict in Missouri was only the beginning. Peiffer says his firm currently represents dozens of farmers with dicamba damage and that number has increased since the recent Bader Farms verdict.

“We now have the road map to get justice for dicamba victims,” Peiffer says. “The jury in Missouri sent a clear signal that you can’t profit off of hurting innocent farmers and get away with it.”

Peiffer made those comments Wednesday morning in a telephone conference call with reporters.

In a statement provided to Brownfield, Bayer said it stands behind its dicamba products. “These are valuable tools for growers who need effective options to increase yields and combat resistant weeds and do not pose any unreasonable risk of off-target movement when used according to label directions,” the statement read.

BASF, in a statement provided to Brownfield, said it “disagrees with the verdict in the Bader case and remains committed to use all legal remedies available to appeal the decision. We will continue to vigorously defend our position because dicamba-based herbicides are critically important tools for growers battling resistant weeds”.

AUDIO: Excerpt from Joe Peiffer’s comments during the conference call with reporters
  • Good story except for one big error – The Peiffer law firm did not represent the victorious Missouri peach grower, Bader Farms as you write. The Kansas City firm of Randles & Splittgerber represented Bader Farms.

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