Land O’Lakes official debunks butter shortage claims

A leading butter supplier is easing supply concerns.

Heather Anfang with Land O’Lakes suggests reports of a holiday butter shortage are false.

“There was less inventory this year as an industry in butter than last year, but last year was at a really high level. So I think that sparked some of this media around a butter shortage, but we prepare all year for the season and we’re ready, we’ve got product (on) the shelf.”

She tells Brownfield consumers should not have any issues finding butter this holiday season and that shouldn’t change next year.

“I expect 2023 to continue to have some disruption, but to be in better position for us to at least have an understanding about the cost profile. And there will be plenty of product for people, I don’t expect any shortages now or into the future.”

Anfang says the primary disruptors besides supply and demand are inflation and labor shortages.

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