Land O’Lakes concerned about U.S. ag trade deficit

One of the nation’s largest ag and food cooperatives is concerned about the U.S. trade deficit.

Land O’Lakes vice president of government and industry affairs Matt Wohlman says a significant shift is occurring in the trade environment, resulting in about a $17 billion ag trade deficit.

“And that deficit as we look to 2024 is expected to grow even larger, and that’s certainly a real concern for farmers and rural communities across the country.”

He tells Brownfield dozens of ag organizations support trade recommendations proposed by Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford that center on several priority areas.

“First, increasing the diversity of the U.S. ag supply chain.”

Wohlman says Land O’Lakes also encourages the Biden administration to establish a robust ag trade agenda and enforce current trade agreements.

  • Good interview. Very informative. Thank you. Great to know Beth is participating with the trade group.

    key principles to non “patchwork” Sustainable Agriculture that the USA can go forward on seems to be:
    1 recognize what de-globalization means and it’s inevitable consequences to international trade (Peter Zeihan is a good starting point). While every country figures out it’s food security path the market competitors need to move away from short termed speculation. Firmer, higher and more stable prices will shake out in this wake. Meanwhile this is an opportunity for a hefty focus and transition to best sustainable practices.


    Tom Gregory (in conjunction with Kansas corn)

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