Labs finding more soybean cyst nematode eggs

A soil testing lab says it might be a rough year for soybean farmers fighting the soybean cyst nematode.

Jim Friedericks with AgSource says, “This year, we’ve seen more samples in the 4-5 thousand eggs per 100 cc’s than we’ve seen in the last four years.”

Friedericks tells Brownfield they are receiving more soil samples and are looking to see if that trend continues.  He says most of the high counts they see are from Iowa.

Friedericks says this year’s weather is likely a factor.  “Just the higher temperature that we had this year caused the eggs to hatch earlier and so the females were able to start the generation sooner, and so I would anticipate seeing more of that.”

Friedericks says areas with more moisture or a history of poor weed control might have more nematodes.  He says areas near field entrances might also have more because of cultivation equipment carrying contaminated soil.

Friedericks says AgSource labs in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Bonduel, Wisconsin send samples requesting egg counts to Ellsworth, Iowa, but many samples in those states are processed by university-run state programs.

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