Kleckner Award winner’s farm blogging began with leg injury

One of Mexico’s few woman dairy farmers reaches out to nearly 30,000 followers a day on Facebook. It all began for the Kleckner Award winner because of a twisted ankle.

Fifth generation dairy farmer Gina Gutierrez found her social media voice in 2015 while recovering from a leg injury. Wondering how to best use her time of immobility, she began posting on social media the importance of dairy in the diet.

“We first have to talk about what we do on the farm,” Gutierrez told Brownfield Ag News after she received the award in Des Moines.

Gutierrez, her brother and dad 420 cows a couple of hours north of Mexico City, but that doesn’t stop her from speaking her mind on what farmers are all about.

“People need to know that farmers really take care of life,” said Gutierrez, “and dairy farmers especially, I love this because we see cows giving birth every day.”

The Kleckner Award is presented by the Global Farmer Network in recognition of those who promote free trade and technology to advance agriculture.

AUDIO: Gina Gutierrez (13 min. MP3)

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