Kitchen Sink research shows variations

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The United Soybean Board’s “Kitchen Sink” research project varies in results.

Randy Laurenz with Michigan State University, says the project evaluated soybean inputs and management practices’ impact on yield, everything but the kitchen sink.

“There were nine states involved, eight universities in total that put together very large project.”  He tells Brownfield, “It have many components and we got some real neat data, real neat information, out of it.”  He says the project consisted of four experiments which analyzed seed treatments, seed varieties, plant populations and management systems.

Laurenz tells Brownfield, Michigan and the northern states had more of a yield response.

“Arkansas and Kansas, and some of the southern states, did not have as much response as much as northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, especially to foliar fungicide and foliar insecticide.”

He says seed quality was also effected by seed treatments.

AUDIO: Interview with Randy Laurenz (4:49 mp3):

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