Kansas farmer says expectations for harvest remain low as drought drags on

A Central Kansas farmer says corn harvest is underway in his area.  

Brian Sieker tells Brownfield he will start this weekend and expectations are low due to drought.  “A lot of variation in yield out there. I’ve heard 40.  I’ve heard 100. One hundred is kind of our yield goal on dryland on dryland to 120 in our area. It’s a crop that that prematurely died, though. It’s not going to be fun to harvest with a lot of fluff and a lot of the tops are already out of the corn.”

As for his sorghum crop,“It’s headed out, making berries. Time will tell it fills or puts on more berries still. Hopefully we catch the rain before it’s done adding crop to the head.

Seiker says he received about three inches of rain three weeks ago and that was the largest event since 2021.

Brian Sieker:

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