June was abnormally wet, hot and humid for Illinois

June weather ended abnormally hot and humid in Illinois. State Climatologist Jim Angel tells Brownfield, temperatures ran about three degrees above normal for June and precipitation was two inches above normal.

“When we look at these numbers it’s actually pretty impressive. We have been on this pattern of wetter than normal conditions for quite some time. Six of the last ten years have made the top 15 wettest Junes on record, so that’s pretty noteworthy.”

Ten to 15 inches were recorded for the month near Rockford in northern Illinois but western Illinois, near Quincy, is abnormally dry.

“We kind of go from one extreme to the other across the state.”

Angel tells Brownfield the weather has been good for crop growth.

“Because of the warm weather in both May and June the crop development has really raced ahead. In fact, we are ahead of schedule for this time of year. You know the old saying ‘knee high by the fourth of July’ and now we’ve got corn tasseling in many parts of Illinois.”

Angel says evaporation in the atmosphere resulted in unusually high humidity levels in June that caused stressed to livestock and farmers.

“We saw dew point temperatures in the 75 to 80-degree range which is exceptionally high for Illinois.”

Angel says he expects July to continue to be hot and humid. The National Weather Service 14-day forecast suggests there will be a break in rainfall for the central and northern parts of the state, but the southern third of Illinois has an increased chance for rain.

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