John Deere’s Project “CAN DO”

Ever thought about what you could do with 300,000 cans of food? John Deere has, it’s called Project “CAN DO.”

“John Deere is going to be constructing a life size combine out of over 300,000 cans of food,” said project manager Nicole Schneider.

Schneider says the project is designed to raise awareness of both the role farmers’ play in producing the food for a growing world population, as well as provide food to a local food bank during the holidays.

Richard Williamson with John Deere adds that anyone can be a part of the project virtually, by going to the John Deere Facebook page.

“There is an area where you can create your own can, you click on it, you can upload a photo of your family or your combine, or whatever you’d like, a short message at the top, you submit that can and that can becomes part of a virtual mosaic online,” Williamson said.

From John Deere employees, to John Deere customers, those involved with Project “Can Do,” like Katie Dierker there’s a real sense of pride.

“We’re really excited to have the spotlight on the S-Series combine, but it really comes down to the producers and the consumers,” said Dierker, Division Marketing Manager for the S-Series combine. “To be able to share this kind of project and be able to highlight what our producer’s everyday and to be able to share a little bit more about what agriculture is all about and how food is grown in powerful and impactful.”

Audio: Nicole Schneider, Richard Williamson, Katie Dierker, John Deere (11:15 MP3)

The construction of the John Deere S-Series Combine, made from the cans of food will take place November 12- 17 and will be on display until December 17, at the John Deere Pavilion in downtown Moline, IL.

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