Japan and Korea set tone for U.S. beef exports

U.S. beef exporters continue to hang their hats on Japan and South Korea.

John Hinners with the U.S. Meat Export Federation says those two countries are critical markets.

“Korea for example, 50 million consumers. They’re one of our largest pound-for-pound consumers of U.S. beef. They’ll eat more U.S. beef than any other consumer around the world, they understand the flavor (and) value.”

South Korea is the number two market for U.S. beef trailing only Japan.

“Japan (and) the innovation that is going into that market as well (like) meal-ready kits, consumers want convenience. They’re willing to pay for it (too), especially as they have more money. And we’ve been very innovative in working with our importers.”

So far this year, U.S. beef exports are pacing more than 20 percent ahead of 2020 at 1.97 billion pounds.

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