“It’s Pork O’ Clock Somewhere” highlights importance of USMCA

The National Pork Producers Council has launched a new campaign, “It’s Pork O’ Clock Somewhere” to highlight the benefits of the US Mexico Canada Agreement.

Jim Monroe, assistant vice president of communications with NPPC, says the campaign focuses on pork and the many ways it’s enjoyed across North America.

“There’s a lot of ways that are unique to the US, Mexican, and Canadian cultures that pork is enjoyed so we thought that would be a good way to capture attention and show how important this trade agreement is to American hog farmers,” he says.

Monroe says the USMCA would provide producers with much needed certainty and he’s hopeful the agreement will be ratified yet this year.

“That’s exactly the reason for the timing of the campaign,” he says. “We think there’s good support in Congress for the agreement. There are some issues that are still being discussed in Congress, but we want to see it ratified this year.”

The new website highlights pork recipes found in the three countries.

“There’s a lot of cuts from the pig that people enjoy around the world- that’s one of the great things about pork production and what we provide,” he says. “We’re showcasing some of the unique ways that pork is enjoyed in North America, so it provides some of that history and also provides some good recipes for people to enjoy.”

Mexico and Canada are two of the largest export markets for US pork.

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Audio: Jim Monroe, National Pork Producers Council

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