Iridium Satellite Communications looks to improve farmer connectivity

A satellite communications company believes it can help farmers better connect to equipment, people, and applications.

Greg Malakoff, associate director of business development for Iridium Communications, says the company boasts the only network in the world that covers every inch of the Earth.

“Anywhere anytime. So from those applications on the ground, being a sensor, an irrigation system, a combine, they are communicating over our satellite network to our ground stations through a gateway which then sends it over the cloud or direct, or whatever method the user wants. And it all happens very fast, really in a blink of an eye.”

He tells Brownfield Iridium has 66 satellites constantly moving and overlapping.

“Covering every part of the planet, that makes it a resilient and redundant network.”

Malakoff says there‚Äôs so much agriculture technology that needs to be connected and Iridium can ensure reliable coverage for farmers who operate in rural areas. 

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