Iowa farmer says USDA needs to keep holding Mexico accountable

Southwest Iowa farmer Ray Gaesser is encouraging other producers to voice their concerns about Mexico’s ban on biotech corn imports.

“We all need to encourage our folks at USDA to not give in at all and make Mexico stand up to their agreements they had with us.”

He tells Brownfield Mexico’s rationale for the ban isn’t based in science.

“Mexico says it’s only going to be for white corn right now, but that’s just the first step,” Gaesser said. “If you let them take a little bit of inroads, they are going to try to push you some more.”

Gaesser says he hopes the trade dispute is resolved soon because Mexico is the leading importer of U.S. corn.

  • It is easy to solve this problem. Just stop growing gmo corn. Long terrm studies, if they are ever conducted properly, will shoe that ALL GMO’s are POISONS. Mexico is not so stupid or gullable to believe otherwise. Real science and real agriculture is about TRUTH and GROWING HEALTHY FOOD; and NOT major profits for BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY FOR PROFIT. Any US farmer that whines aboit this fact has taken the FRANKENFOOD BAIT and is into farming primarily for profit and not for growing healthy nutritious foods. Also, glyphosate is a mineral chelator which binds mineral nutrientsxin the soil and prevents their uptake into food crops. TRUTH BE TOLD. Also, I have noticed the big pharma bias on this issue. I dare you to publish this comment as it is truth; or respind with any credible evidence to the contrary. You may think you are correct to censor this comment, but in the long term anyone who supports any gmo product, including gov agencies, ngos ag orgs, etc. are not farmers; growing poisons for the food supply is pathological. Mexico gets it, why don’t you?

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