Iowa farmer brings up hindsight as grain markets continue to strengthen

Farmers are looking to take advantage of the rally in grain prices that has carried into 2021.

Jeff Pape, a corn and soybean grower from Dyersville in eastern Iowa, says he typically markets a year or two in advance.

“To try to take advantage of what I can, but the previous year there wasn’t enough out there to get me to market ahead like I’d normally do. So going into this year I started my typical marketing plan to get it moving a little bit.”

He tells Brownfield about 60 percent of his 2021 soybeans are already sold.

“And now hindsight is 20/20, and we’re wishing we maybe didn’t sell quite as much. But that’s marketing, and at this point I’ve made the sales I probably want to make (at this juncture).”

Pape says he’s concerned about dryness in his area and plans to hold some of his sales back to see if weather conditions improve going into planting.

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