Iowa Corn backs Next Gen Fuels Act

The president of the Iowa Corn Growers Association says the Next Generation Fuels Act, recently introduced in the US Senate, provides the biofuels industry a needed boost to further its growth.

Lance Lillibridge tells Brownfield, “It would incentivize more low carbon, high octane fuels,” he said. “And then that would incentivize the automakers to build more liquid-fueled engines.”

Lillibridge says higher blends of ethanol stand toe-to-toe with EVs when it comes to reducing emissions. “When you look at a cradle to grave scenario from the time (EVs) are built to the time they are useless, the carbon impact they have is actually the same, if not greater, than a vehicle that runs on E85,” he said.

The US House introduced a similar bill last year, and both versions would require automakers to optimize vehicles for 95-octane with E20 by model year 2026.

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