Iowa agronomist anticipates some grain storage struggles

An agronomist in northwest Iowa anticipates some struggles managing stored grain the next several months.

Ron Beyer with Golden Harvest Seeds says in many places, corn came out of the field wetter than normal.

“When we ran it through the dryer, we had little bit lower test weights. And what we’re finding is that a lot of the corn kernels actually would tend to split. And some of the split kernels would actually give us more fines.”

He tells Brownfield those particles inhibit airflow throughout the bin.

“Giving that grain a lot more potential to go ahead and spoil. So I would tell the growers it you’ve got the potential right now to go ahead and pull a couple truck loads out of the center of that bin, I think that would help the overall life-span of that corn.”

Beyer also recommends monitoring stored grain at least once a month.

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