Iowa Ag Secretary concerned about implications of Prop 12

The top ag official in Iowa is concerned about the implications of Proposition 12.

Ag Secretary Mike Naig tells Brownfield the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the California law opens a pathway for large states with big markets to dictate to smaller states their preference in how anything is produced.

“Certainly it’s going to impact the pork industry. But I do think it opens the door, it’s a very very slippery slope to many other industries and other products.”

He says the cost of pork in California will inevitably go up with Prop 12 in place.

“And the folks who can least afford it are the ones who suffer. And that now could be replicated over many different food categories and other products. I just think that has gotten lost.”

And Naig says that could be a rallying point for Congress to address Prop 12.

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