Input suppliers preparing for unknowns

A senior ag sales manager says input suppliers are a little in the dark this year as farmers delay their planting decisions.

Galynn Beer AgroLiquid tells Brownfield his best advice for farmers torn between planting corn and soybeans is to be open with suppliers about what they have decided. “Make sure they know what you’re planning because then they can have resources in place.  Right now we’ve got resources in place, but to a degree we’re guessing a little bit.”    

He expects planting to get started late this year because of the wet end to 2018.  “We’re probably facing a cold wet start and anything you can do to band your nutrients close to the plant, give it earlier access so it gets out of the gate a little healthier, you want to make sure it’s near that plant, so it gets utilized,” he says.

Beer spoke with Brownfield at the recent Commodity Classic in Orlando.

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