Indigo Ag launches new bionematicide to fight soybean cyst nematode

During the 2023 Farm Progress Show, Indigo Ag showcased their first bionematicide for the US market.

Director of Biological Products Jim Cink tells Brownfield biotrinsic Z15 for corn and soybeans expands on the company’s biological portfolio and features a new line of defense against plant-damaging nematodes including soybean cyst nematode.

Chief Strategy Officer Chris Harbourt gives an update on the Indigo Carbon program and the future of the company:

  • Have to say that I am extremely impressed that in this day and age that such a natural (as in non-gmo) product has been successfully developed and significantly improves production against root nematodes. I am adamently agains any kind of genetical engineering in healthy food supply and this biotrinsic approach has very definite advantages over oesticides and herbicides as well. The fact that the beneficial nematodes and soil based organusms are not negatively impacted shouls stand as a clear standard model for the future of regenerative farming. BRAVI, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!

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