Indiana wheat crop is delayed

With the harsh winter there were concerns about the stands and survival of the wheat crop.  Purdue Extension agronomist Shaun Casteel says overall the crop looks pretty good, it’s just delayed.

He says the crop is following a similar pattern as last year’s.  “We’re probably on the same track with heading at this point,” he says.  “We’re also looking at new fields starting to flower after they’ve headed.  This is the point where people need to be out scouting and assessing their fields.”

The big concern right now is head scab or blight.  “If we have temperatures that are moderate in that 75 to 85 degree range, humidity, and rains with the plants coming into early flowering to the point where infection can occur and that’s also the point where we can be proactive with some fungicide applications,” he says.

Casteel says farmers can assess their risk for head blight using an online risk assessment calculator.

A link can be found HERE.

AUDIO: Shaun Casteel, Purdue Extension (2:30mp3)

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