Indiana Farmers Union helps producers get wholesale buyers

Several small farm producers in Indiana are working with Farmers Union to sell their products beyond the farmers’ market.

Michael Morrow is the Executive Director of Indiana Farmers Union and owns Tomorrow’s Farm.  He tells Brownfield the organization has been staying abreast of food safety measures so they can help their small and mid-sized producers succeed in the wholesale food marketplaces. “One thing that we’ve done is we’ve had a food safety grant that we’ve utilized to create some technical pops that we’ve posted on YouTube, and then also some actual on-site consulting as well to really ramp up production on these Indiana small farms to get them kind of to the next level.”

Morrow says many of their members already sell through farmers’ markets and know food safety measures. “Once we get them to understand and want to increase their production, they’re having problems finding those niches in the marketplace to be able to gain the wholesale foothold.”

Morrow says Farmers Union is looking for ways to help small producers have a consistent and assured output so they can attract wholesale buyers and not have any wasted farm products.

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