Indiana farmer says it’s been a growing season with challenges like no other

An Indiana farmer says farmers in her area continue to battle supply shortages. 

Isabella Chism, who is also 2nd Vice President of the Indiana Farm Bureau, says the lack of fertilizer availability forced some farmers to alter their original planting intentions.  “In our area, in particular, there’s been a variety of changes,” she says.  “Some have switched to growing soybeans because they don’t need it.  The fertilizer has been a big issue.”

She tells Brownfield that parts shortages continue to be problematic.  “It’s almost robbing Peter to pay Paul,” she says. “Sometimes we’re scavenging off of other equipment we have or switching equipment.  It’s been a very stressful year because of the amount of time it takes to figure things out like that.”

Chism says the crop is running behind its average pace, and at this point, they’re desperately in need of a rain.

Chism and her family raise corn, soybeans, and sweet corn in north-central Indiana. 

  • Typo—Growing soybeans—not fertilizer. Also, it is ridiculous that I had to go through 12 verification scenes before I was allowed into the forum to make a comment.

    • Hey Brent!

      Thanks for catching the typo. It’s been corrected and updated. Thanks for reading!


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