Increasing competition in the cattle markets won’t happen overnight

An independent beef processor says any change in cattle prices won’t happen overnight.  But, Patrick Robinette of North Carolina says, “we’ve got to celebrate that we are at least having the conversation, but we don’t need to back off of anybody.”

Robinette also chairs the Independent Beef Processors committee for the US Cattlemen’s Association.  He tells Brownfield the administration is incentivizing the growth and expansion of small and mid-sized processing facilities. He says the increase in competition should help cattle producers get paid more for their products.

“Now, you got new buyers on the scene and the competition within themselves is going to get much more fierce,” he says.  “Because these facilities are not profitable unless they’re maximizing their capacity.”  And, Robinette says, consumers will also see the benefits.  “If small packers are afforded opportunities to be able to get into Independent Grocers or maybe a Restaurant Group,” he says. “Then there’s going to be a much more variety of beef options available to the consumer.”

AUDIO: Patrick Robinette, North Carolina

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