Inconsistent hay yields for southern Missouri

A farmer in south central Missouri says while conditions in his area are better this year than last, hay yields have been inconsistent.

Gary McClure, from Laclede County, tells Brownfield…

“I am not as disappointed in the yield as I thought I was going to be when we started out, because we hit some areas that were pretty close to normal, but then we hit dry spots that didn’t produce much of anything.”

He says while yields are below average, he hasn’t experienced a feed shortage yet.

“There are a couple of cases where people have gotten rid of cattle because they just don’t have feed for them. We’re not there yet. People aren’t looking for a way out yet.”

McClure says he’s optimistic and rains in July would improve crop conditions.

“The spring of 1988 was very similar to this,” he says. “I think it was a little drier and a little hotter, but it started raining in July and it turned out to be a good year. So, I’m still hopeful we can repeat 1988.”

The latest Drought Monitor has nearly 95% of Missouri in a drought, with the McClure farm in moderate to severe drought.

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