Improving demand for ethanol key for new NCGA president

The new president of the National Corn Growers Association says one of the fastest ways to improve market opportunities for farmers is by increasing ethanol demand.

Harold Wolle says producers have an opportunity to produce corn that can be used for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). “We will have ethanol with a low enough carbon score that it will be possible to do ethanol to jet and that’s a phrase I think you’re going to hear a lot more in the future. Everybody needs to kind of get on the same page if we’re going to make this happen.”

He says the Biden administration needs to approve year-round E15 sales. “We’ve seen a tremendous increase in consumer demand for E15.”

And, Wolle says, the organization continues to get co-sponsors for the Next Generation Fuels Act, which makes higher blends of ethanol available to improve engine efficiency and performance. “Once you get a critical mass of co-sponsors on a bill, the committees of jurisdiction realize it’s important legislation and work to move it forward.”

Earlier this year, EPA proposed a rule that would allow year-round sales in Midwestern states, which is expected to begin in 2024. 

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