Importance of early scouting for winter wheat growers

A wheat pathologist says it’s critical that farmers roll out their disease management program for the winter wheat crop.

Jessica Rupp is with Kansas State University. “We have out disease we see every single year,” she said. “Stripe Rust doesn’t overwinter in Kansas, but it blows up from the south. This is a good time to be a nosey neighbor and check out what’s happening in Texas and Oklahoma as the season begins. That’s a good predictor of what we’ll be facing this year.”

She tells Brownfield early scouting will be crucial heading into spring. “Make a good plant to have boots in the field to watch what’s coming,” Rupp said. “Early season you might be looking for more viral diseases.”

Rupp says farmers can also sign up for the KSU agronomy department’s weekly e-updates to learn more about disease management.

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