Illinois soy farmers receive a meal in the field from top export countries

Illinois soybean farmers are getting a taste of food from the top countries their crop is exported to.

The Illinois Soybean Association is again surprising farmers with a meal in the field during planting season, but this time the lunchbox is filled with authentic cuisine from one of the top 6 countries Illinois soybeans are exported to.

“60% of Illinois soybeans are actually exported over seas and we wanted to highlight the top exporting countries that their soybeans may end up going. Those countries include Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Pakistan, Taiwan and Bangladesh.”

ISA Communications Coordinator Jill Parrent tells Brownfield while it is a lot different from the usual sandwich and cookies, their farmers really appreciate a quick meal during the busy season.

“Our farmers were super excited to learn that their soybeans are going to these countries and they were able to better understand that there are different needs in those countries for their soybeans. Whether its meal, oil, or anything in between we need Illinois soybeans to go there.”

Based on the positive feedback from farmers so far, Parrent says they plan to continue the program for fall harvest.

Interview with Jill Parrent

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