Illinois farmers say they’re happy with crops heading into June

Fields in at least a dozen counties were scouted during the Southern Illinois Wheat Tour today.

Mack Benton and his dad John farm in southeastern Illinois where they just finished spring planting.

“We just finished up about 10 minutes ago,” he says.

John tells Brownfield crops are looking really good in the area.

“Our stands for corn and soybeans look really good, probably the best that I can remember in a long time,” he says. “The wheat has looked good all along. The cold weather didn’t hurt it at all as far as we can tell.”

And, neighboring farmer Dave Kermicle agrees.

“It will soon be time for wheat harvest—we were just saying it will probably be about the 20th of June,” he says. “I think the wheat looks good. It needs a rain at this point to finish it out, but wheat yields could be outstanding in this area.”

Yields will be averaged from around 60 fields in over a dozen counties. Check back with Brownfield Ag News for those numbers.

Interview with Dave Kermicle
Interview with Mack and John Benton

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