Illinois bills would impact CAFOs

Two bills filed in the Illinois Legislature by Peoria Democratic Senator David Koehler would have an impact on the state’s pork producers.  The measures require concentrated animal feeding operations to register with the state and require state filing of waste management plans.

Illinois Pork Producers Association Executive Director Jennifer Tirey told Brownfield Ag News the existing Livestock Management Facilities Act already regulates what pork producers do.

“We feel like a lot of the information is a little bit redundant, and frankly, unnecessary,” Tirey told Brownfield Ag News Wednesday, referring to the bills filed by Senator Koehler.

The Illinois Pork Producers will do less to lobby against the bills and more to get in closer touch with consumers, said Tirey.

“What I really see is educating about what we do right now,” she said.

In a statement emailed to Brownfield Ag News, Koehler said he introduced the legislation so that people in farm communities know what is being built near them.

AUDIO: Jennifer Tirey (2 min. MP3)

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