HSUS holds ‘grassroots meetings’ in Nebraska

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) held what it calls “grassroots meetings” in Lincoln and Elkhorn this week. 

According to HSUS’ state director for Nebraska, Jocelyn Nickerson, the meetings are for HSUS supporters to discuss current issues affecting animals.  “It’s a way for our supporters to come together and just talk about issues that are important to them,” says Nickerson.

Nickerson reiterates that, for the time being, HSUS does not have anything on its legislative agenda for Nebraska.

“I have said before—and I know our president and CEO Wayne Pacelle has said—we are not pursuing any legislation at this time,” she says.

However, Nickerson says HSUS Is opposed to two bills introduced by O’Neill state senator Tyson Larson.  One would create a state meat inspection program in Nebraska, which could pave the way for a return to horse processing in the state.  The other would require equine centers, rescue operations and humane societies—including HSUS—to accept unwanted horses on delivery or face a Class IV misdemeanor.

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