How trade, port delays and fertilizer prices are impacting US egg and poultry exports

The COO of the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) says trade and supply chain issues are on the top of their priority list.

Greg Tyler tells Brownfield gaining access to the Chinese market and fewer trade barriers in recent years have helped boost exports.

“Our industry has enjoyed not having to face some of the tariffs that the Chinese couldn’t impose on us and so continuation of the US/China trade deal is important to us. We also think it is important for the US to rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

He says resolving supply chain delays are also key to export success and USAPEEC has been working with other ag organizations in D.C. to convey that message to the administration.

“To try and get some of these port issues that we are facing out there resolved and try to get the flow of product continuing out to international markets.”

Tyler recognizes that record high fertilizer prices are causing uncertainties for the grain and feed sector, but that does not have as big of an impact for poultry producers because…

“The poultry industry is one of the more efficient users of corn when it comes to the amount of feed going into the bird compared to the number of pounds produced.”

He says while increased fertilizer prices do trickle down and cut into their bottom line, he thinks the poultry industry will be able to carry on and continue to increase exports globally.

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