House speaker race takes more time away from lawmakers

The president of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives says continued delays in the U.S. House Speaker race has consequences for pending legislation.

Chuck Conner says Congress is in session few days between now and the end of the calendar year.

“Every legislative day after Labor Day is a critical time period and we’ve lost 3 weeks of legislative days here over fighting over who’s in charge in the House. It’s sort of like taking the first month off harvest and it’s hard to get caught back up.”

Conner says this is a situation that’s never happened before and it’s unclear what will happen next. But he says it’s not looking good for appropriations with a deadline to fund the government in mid-November.

“It’s not impossible to legislate without having a House speaker, but in practical terms it’s very difficult.”

Conner tells Brownfield writing and passing a farm bill this year will be virtually impossible. And while it’s not ideal to write a farm bill in an election year, Conner says it’s been done before and successfully.

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