Hoosier farmers discuss policy priorities with lawmakers

As the 2023 Indiana General Assembly session continues, Hoosier corn and soybean farmers are highlighting policy priorities that impact their operations.

Indiana Soybean Alliance Membership and Policy Committee Chair Keevin Lemenager, a farmer from Monrovia, says some potential legislation that could impact farmers is top of mind.   

“The biofuels tax credit is important to us. Also, Representative Kendell Culp has proposed the inventory of lost farmland. It would be nice to know where we are as far as losing land in the state,” he says.

Audio: Keevin Lemenager

House Bill 1080 would provide biofuel tax credits for the sale of higher ethanol blends, sale of blended biodiesel, and blending of biodiesel.

Phil Ramsey raises corn, soybeans, and wheat in Shelby County.

“The biofuels tax credit would help promote more biodiesel and ethanol to be blended and for consumers to have an opportunity to buy both of those products, which is both good for the environment and for the farmers that raise the crops here in Indiana,” he says. “We’re always interested in ag-friendly policy that can help move the farmer along and benefit Indiana and everybody involved.”

Audio: Phil Ramsey

According to the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, 831,000 acres of farmland has been lost in Indiana since 1982. House Bill 1557, which would task the ISDA with conducting a statewide inventory of ag land lost from 2010 to 2022 and report on the causes for the losses, has advanced to the Indiana Senate for consideration.

Indiana Corn Growers Association President Scott Smith, a farmer in Tipton County, says it’s important to connect with lawmakers.

My role with being on the board is to represent the farmers of Indiana and do what’s in the best interest of the farms,” he says. “That’s what we’re here for and so it’s good to talk with legislators that direct the policy that we’ll be dealing with in the future.”

Audio: Scott Smith

The Bacon Bar and Brunch is an annual event hosted by the ISA Membership and Policy Committee and the Indiana Corn Growers Association at the Indiana Statehouse.

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