Holistic approach to carbon markets

The carbon sales and support lead for Corteva Agriscience recommends farmers take a holistic approach to carbon market opportunities.

Jake Olson says it’s not much different than implementing other programs or products to the farm.

“You really have to step back and see if it’s right for you financially (and) agronomically, and then it really comes down to the benefit of what a carbon program might bring to you and what you can do with it.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the Corteva media day in Johnston, Iowa Tuesday, he suggested carbon credits in the $5 to $20 an acre range won’t directly cover upfront costs like cover crop seed or changing tillage equipment.

“But it’s really about that long-term benefit of cover crops or reduced tillage. We talked about the carbon calculator that we have on the website, it’s a great tool for folks to see potential future payments. But when we talk about reducing passes and reducing the use of herbicide and the reduction of nitrogen, all those things add up.”

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