Hog farmers in Iowa and Minnesota dealing with more lethal and lasting PRRS strains

A swine disease that normally subsides during the summer seems to be getting more lethal in parts of the Upper Midwest. 

Phil Burke with Anpario, a livestock feed ingredient manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, says Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, more commonly known as PRRS, is wreaking havoc on swine farms in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.

“Normally you think of PRRS from maybe mid to late-October through April 1st would be the normal window, but it seems like every week it should be going away it’s getting worse and worse and worse.”

He tells Brownfield producers are suffering devastating losses.

“There’s a lot of value to be gained by having pigs to market at the moment, but the shortage of pigs is down to the PRRS impact.”

Burke describes this version as “PRRS on steroids.”

“It’s not following the rules, it’s not following the treatment, and they’re still working it out. These new strains are just another curveball that gets thrown at us. We’re never short of curveballs, and it’s another one this year.”

Brownfield spoke to Burke during the 2021 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

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